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Beaded Medical ID

Love beaded jewellery? These pieces are fashionable, funky and come with a polished stainless steel medical ID tag.

They feature beads, crystals, Swarovski crystals and pearls threaded on a steel wire.  The stretch bracelets are crystals threaded onto jewellery elastic to fit over your wrist.

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Art Medical Bracelet

Art Medical Bracelet£25.00  (13)

Rainbow Magnetic ID Bracelet

Rainbow Magnetic ID Bracelet£30.00   £25.00  (23)

Rainbow Mood Bead Medical Bracelet

Rainbow Mood Bead Medical Bracelet£50.00  (8)

Pearl Wraparound Medical Bracelet

Pearl Wraparound Medical Bracelet£30.00  (15)

Black Beauty Medical ID

Black Beauty Medical ID£40.00  (3)

Glitz n Glam Stretch ICE Bracelet

Glitz n Glam Stretch ICE Bracelet£25.00   £21.00  (10)

ICE-y Blue Mini Beads

ICE-y Blue Mini Beads£25.00  (17)

Silver Rolo Toggle Bracelet

Silver Rolo Toggle Bracelet£75.00  (2)

Blue Balls Stretch ID Bracelet

Blue Balls Stretch ID Bracelet£25.00   £21.00  (12)

Bright Art Medical Bracelet

Bright Art Medical Bracelet£25.00  (5)

Charming in Pink

Charming in Pink£50.00   £40.00

Elasticated Medical Bracelet

Elasticated Medical Bracelet£25.00   £22.00

Golden Balls Medical ID

Golden Balls Medical ID£80.00  (3)

In the Pink Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

In the Pink Swarovski Crystal Bracelet£70.00   £65.00  (4)

Karma Krazy Medical Alert

Karma Krazy Medical Alert£30.00   £25.00  (1)

Moonstone Medical ID

Moonstone Medical ID£45.00   £35.00  (2)

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Page 1 of 2:    31 Items